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About Us

About Us

Bello, Bello & Associates is a leading provider of development consultation and construction management services in Washington, DC. Our consulting services span one-stop shop suite of services including construction codes compliance consultation, zoning due diligence and compliance consultation, land use consultation, including but not limited to land administration solutions and integrated title registration and cadastral systems and construction management and contract administration services and project commissioning.

Our intimate knowledge of the comprehensive regulatory framework which governs the built environment in the District informs our services in the realm of permit management services,Third-Party Plans Review and Inspection Services as centralized value added to clients’ projects

Established in 2005, Bello Bello & Associates serves small, medium and large scale developers, businesses and homeowners navigating the development and regulatory processes in Washington, DC. Our client base includes institutions as well as municipalities

Bello, Bello & Associates brings a wealth of technical experience, professionalism and code knowledge to the marketplace along with expertise in land use, architectural, and engineering solutions to the development and business community.

Our mission at Bello, Bello & Associates, is to provide comprehensive development management solutions for clients’ projects. Our experience and understanding of the puzzle of the development paradigm from the design phase, to the regulatory framework, to construction management and contract management and to project commissioning which impacts the efficiency and cost savings of centralized services upon clients’ projects.

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Our Portfolio

  • Residential Project 13
  • Institutional Project 9
  • Institutional Project 8
  • Institutional Project 7
  • Institutional Project 6
  • Institutional Project 5
  • Institutional Project 4
  • The Yards
  • Institutional Project 2
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