1917 Benning Rd NE, Washington , DC 20002


Toye Bello

Principal and CEO

Kibret Yemane

Principal and Professional-In-Charge

Toye Bello founded Bello, Bello & Associates in 2005 after nearly 20 years of service with the District of Columbia Government.  During his tenure with the government, Toye served in various capacities focused on land use and development services to include Chief Tech, Office of the Zoning Administrator and as Zoning Administrator for the District of Columbia.

Kibret Yemane served as a mechanical/plumbing engineer within the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs for over 20 years.  In this capacity, Mr. Yemane played a key role in day-to-day technical reviews for compliance with all applicable codes, including the current codes, the 2003 DC Supplement to the Construction Code and the 2000 International Construction Code. Specifically, Mr. Yemane’s duties included reviewing of mechanical and plumbing plans for compliance with DC, IBC (formerly BOCA), CABO and IPC codes. These assignments included the review of civil engineering drawings including utilities such as storm, sewer and gas systems.  During his last year of services, Mr. Yemane served as Supervisor for the Permit Intake Center within DCRA.